How Do I Print Internet Haggadah?

Internet Haggadah comes in your choice of two formats: the page version and the booklet version. Both are .pdf files. The page version (hagada2007page.pdf) prints on normal 8.5"×11" paper. If you print it on both sides of the page, it requires 26 sheets of paper. You can print it on your home printer or take it to your local copy shop. The page version works fine and it's a little easier on the eyes, but it lacks the polished appearance of the booklet version.

Printing the booklet version (hagada2007booklet.pdf) is a little more complicated. It prints on legal-size paper (8.5"×14"). You can take it to your local copy shop and tell them to print it on "legal-size paper, both sides of the page;" then it folds over in the middle to create a very professional looking 8.5"×7" booklet.

Or, you can print it yourself. Here's how:

First, you must first load legal size paper in your printer. Second, you must "figure out the printing orientation for your printer." Then you can print it.

Here is the story on the printing orientation: You will want to print Internet Haggadah on both sides of the paper. Then you will fold it in the middle to create a booklet. First you will print the odd numbered pages; then you will put those pages back into the printer and print the even numbered pages on the other side.

Here's the tricky part: when you put the pages back into the printer, you have to orient them properly so that the other sides print correctly. When you put the pages back in the printer to print the other sides, you have four choices of how to place the paper in the tray: 1) frontside up/rightside up; 2) frontsideup/upsidedown; 3) backsideup/rightside up; and 4) backsideup/upsidedown. One of these will make it all work perfectly. You must figure out which one.

In order to help you do this, I've provided a file called testpage.pdf. Click on its name to download it to your hard drive. When the download is complete, double-click on its name in My Computer or Windows Explorer to open it in Adobe Acrobat Reader. You will see something like Figure 1:

testpage in Reader

Figure 1

In the File menu in Adobe Reader, click Print. The Print dialog opens. It will look something like Figure 2:

Print dialog

Figure 2

(All of the following settings you will change here will be the right ones for your printer to print Internet Haghadah as well.)

First, make sure you've got it set to print on legal size paper. To do this, click Properties. Something like Figure 3 appears:

Properties dialog

Figure 3

In the Paper Size field select Legal or 8.5×14; For Orientation select Portrait. Then click OK.

The Print dialog (figure 2 above) returns. In the Paper Scaling field select None. In the Print Range area, click Pages from and in the Subset field, select Odd pages only. Click OK. You should get a page that looks like the inside of the Adobe window in figure 1 above.

Take this page and put it back into your printer. Place it in the printer frontside up and rightside up. In the File menu, click Print. In the Subset field, this time select Even pages only. Click OK.

You have a one chance in four that it correctly printed This is Page 2 and This is Page 3 on the other side. If so, now you know how to orient the pages when you print Internet Hagada. If it did not print correctly, print the first side of this file again, and try a different orientation when you print the other side.

When you've got the orientation figured out, double-click on the Internet Hagada file you downloaded from this website (hagada2007booklet.pdf), and it will open in Adobe Acrobat Reader. From the File menu, click Print and then on the Print dialog (figure 3 above), click Properties, and make sure the Paper Size is set to Legal and the Orientation is set to Portrait and click OK. Then on the Print dialog (figure 2 above), click Pages from and then in the Subset list, select Odd pages only, and then click OK.

When all 13 pages have printed, put them back into your printer orienting them correctly. From the File menu of Adobe Reader, click Print and then on the Print dialog, click Pages from and then in the Subset list, this time select Even pages only and check the box that says Reverse pages.

When the pages print properly, you just fold them in the middle and staple.


Download a printable version of these instructions